Circle, wire, tube Incoloy 925® - alloy 925

Technical characteristics

High-alloy heat resistant austenitic steel. Designed for long service life under high temperature conditions. Has a complex structural composition based on iron, nickel and chromium with copper, aluminum, molybdenum, titanium as alloying additives. Its specific gravity is 8,08 g/cm3 Specific heat capacity is 435 J/kg*°С. Electric resistance 1,17 Ohmxmm2/m. Thermal conductivity 60,5 W/m*°C. Melting range 1311-1366 °С.

Chemical composition

Ni Cr Mo Cu Ti Al C Fe
42,0-46,0 19,5-22,5 2,5-3,5 1,5-3,0 1,90-2,40 0,1-0,5 up to 0.03 basis

This steel is an improved modification of alloy 825,

Mechanical properties

tensile strength Yield strength (0.2% deviation) Elongation at breakage (0.2% deviation) Relative elongation, min
810 MPa 1210 MPa 24%


Production of fasteners, downhole tools, valves, tubing products, fittings, pumping elements for oil and gas and offshore environments.


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