2.0230 - CuZn10 - C22000 sheet, strip, tube

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Technical characteristics

Plain (double) brass. Well deformed in cold state by deep drawing, drawing, rolling, coining, bending. Coefficient of friction with grease 0.074. Non-lubricated coefficient of friction 0.44.

Fe P Cu Pb Zn Sb Bi Impurities
≤0.1 ≤0.01 88 - 91 ≤0.03 8.8 - 12 ≤ 0.005 ≤0.002 ≤0.2
Mechanical properties (temperature 20°C)
Range GOST s in d5 Hardness HB 10 -1
- MPa % MPa
Tape, 8036-79 250 38
Cold-rolled soft strip, 931-90 230-340 36 60
Cold rolled hard strip, 931-90 350 3 110

Physical properties of the material

t°C E 10- 5 a 10 6 l r C R 10 9
Degree MPa 1/Gradus W/(m-degree) kg/m3 J/(kg-degree) Ohm-m
20 1.05 180 8780 45
100 17.1 398

Sv - Ultimate Short-Term Tensile Strength

d5 - Tensile elongation at break.

HB - Brinell hardness

E - Modulus of elasticity of the first kind [MPa]

C - specific heat capacity

Heat treatment

Melting point 1045 °C. Hot work temperature 700 - 850 °C. Annealing temperature 450 - 600 °C.

Cold working temperature

Turning, milling, grinding, drilling.


Electrical parts; medals and badges


Stored in covered or roofed warehouses with adequate protection against mechanical and other types of damage.


Austria England Germany EU Italy GOST France Czech Republic
CuZn10 CZ101 2.0230 CuZn10 P-CuZn10 Л90 CuZn10 423201
CuZn10 P-OT90 U-Z10


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