1.4003 - aisi 410L pipe

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It is convenient and expedient to buy heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant steel pipe AISI 410L (1.4003) from the manufacturer - Evek GmbH at an attractive price for any target consumer of this type of rolled steel. The company delivers the purchased lot to any address specified by the customer.

Composition and properties

Steel AISI 410L (1.4003) in AISI terminology is a group of steels that have a reduced carbon content compared to normal, so it is a ferrite steel, with almost no microstructure of carbides. According to UNS S40977 and S41003, the chemical composition of the steel includes:

Chemical element Carbon Chromium Manganese Silicon Nickel Iron
Content, % Not more than 0.03 10,5...12,5 Up to 1.5 Up to 1.0 0,3...1,0 The rest

The steel AISI 410L (1.4003) contains sulfur (in amounts not exceeding 0.02%) and phosphorus (in amounts not exceeding 0.04%) as unavoidable metallurgical impurities. Depending on the method of melting steel may include some nitrogen (up to 0.3%), which is mainly contained in chromium nitrides. Steels produced by electric arc smelting do not contain nitrogen.

Steel has a reduced coefficient of thermal expansion - up to 12.2x10-6 K-1, which determines the minimal deformation of connecting elements and parts of pipelines made of this material, and operated under conditions of constantly changing external temperatures. Modulus of plasticity of steel is 200 GPa, coefficient of heat conductivity is 30.5 W/mK. Rolled tubular products carry mechanical loads up to 280 MPa and keep their strength under tension stresses up to 450...550 MPa.

The nearest analogues of the considered steel are in Japan - steel SUS410L, in European Union - steel X2CrNi12, in China - steel 022Cr12Ni.

Tubular assortment made of AISI 410L steel is available in dimensions of 1.25...50 mm with length up to 24000 mm.


Pipelines made of stainless steel AISI 410L (1.4003) are characterized by reduced linear and angular deformations. In combination with high corrosion resistance of this steel they provide high tightness and stiffness of pipelines, if laid in frozen and permafrost soils. An important application area of tubular products is the manufacture of support frames of vehicles moving under severe operating conditions, wagon loaders (including - at the existing metallurgical plants). Pipes made of AISI 410L (1.4003) steel provide increased durability of frames of container trucks, conveyors moving materials at high temperatures. Rolled tubular products of this steel are effective for use as parts of pipelines in the chemical industry, as well as for the manufacture of complex-shaped coils.

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