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Company Evek GmbH successfully sells various kinds of metal rolling at the domestic and foreign markets. The price of stainless steel depends primarily on the steel grade, its consumer qualities and demand for modern industry. High-strength steel which is easily heat-treated is used in industrial production. In power engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry alloys with high heat resistance and resistance to aggressive environment are important. In medicine, food, textile industry stainless steel is used, ductile, biologically inert and well welded.

Our company offers electric-welded and seamless pipes of different brands. The price varies depending on the type of products. With us you also get additional benefits when buying in bulk. We successfully supply stainless steel rolled products to 20 countries worldwide.

Stainless steel products application

In modern production can not do without stainless steel sheet. It is used in many industries:

  • aviation;
  • chemical;
  • automotive;
  • food;
  • Pharmaceutical and others.

Stainless steel sheet is actively used in construction. It is characterized by high wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, inertness to the action of active chemicals. Stainless steel sheet according to the method of production is divided into types:

  • hot;
  • cold.

Depending on the application of products, their surface can receive a different treatment. It can be not only smooth, but also textured. Hot-rolled sheet can be heat-treated or etched. Cold-rolled sheets have a matte, mirror or brushed surface. These sheets are used to form a section of stainless steel, which is represented by various types of products. The most popular are tubes. In addition, the following products are made of stainless steel:

  • round;
  • hexagon;
  • wire;
  • stainless steel strip;
  • angle.

These types of rolled products are used in various spheres of production, industry. They are selected for specific operating conditions.

Depending on the size of the profile, stainless steel bars are of the following types:

  • fine;
  • medium;
  • large.

For each type of product these indicators will differ. For example, steel angle has a large profile at the side with dimensions of 70−200 mm, medium — 32−65 mm, small — 8−10 mm. In accordance with the spheres of use, long products are divided into several types:

  • special purpose profiles;
  • General purpose profiles.

Depending on the type, the products may be more versatile and used in many industries, or made only for a particular branch.


All of the products shown are certified. The technical documentation includes data on the chemical composition, the limiting percentage of impurities; mechanical properties of the products. From us you can buy in bulk any semi-finished products for large-scale productions. We also offer optimum conditions for retail buyers. The high level of service and responsiveness of service is the face of our company.

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All products based on stainless alloys and titanium, sold by Evek GmbH meet GOST and international quality standards. We supply rolled metal products of standard and non-standard sizes in the shortest terms. High quality, reasonable prices and a wide range of products determine the face of our company. Becoming our regular client you can count on a system of discount discounts. Cooperation with us will help you realize any engineering plans. We are waiting for your orders on our site.