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Alloy 01Х18М2Т-VI belongs to the chromium ferritic steels. Serves as the basis of the welded heat-exchange equipment for chemical and processing industry, operated at temperatures up to 300 °C under pressure up to 16 bar, in the production of organochlorine compounds, caustic soda, among nasseni the chlorine ions. The actual alloy in pulp and paper and petroleum industries.


For used vacuum induction melting furnace. Production technology includes the method of vacuum decarburization in the ladle. For alloy 01Х18М2Т-VI provides the following: 14−1-3996−85; 14−1-3547−83; 14−3-1275−83.

Percentage composition

C N Cu Fe Mn Mo Ni Cr S Si P Ti
≤0,01 ≤0,01 ≤0,15 DOS. ≤0,7 1,8−2,5 ≤0,4 17−19 ≤0,015 ≤0,5 ≤0,015 0,25−0,45

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties (normalized) at 20 °C (the numerator is the steel 01Х18М2Т-VI, the denominator — steel 01Х25М2Т-VI)

TU Products σin N/mm2 σ0,2, N/mm2 δ5, % The threshold of cold brittleness
HR t, °C
14−3-1275−83 Pipe 392/412 215/245 25/20 -50/-50

Note: the recommended heat treatment regime: quenching in water from 900 °C.

Corrosion resistance

According to the technical conditions (14−3-1275−83 and 14−1-3547−83), brand 01Х18М2Т-VI, 01Х25М2Т-VI are not prone to intergranular corrosion during the test according to the method of AMU GOST 6032−89. Before the test, the sample is heated to t° 1100 °C for 30 minutes, then cooled in air. Note also the resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chlorides.

Technological parameters

The temperature interval of hot plastic deformation is 1160−850°C. Hot rolling of tubes is carried out at t° 1050−1060°C. Quenching is in water at t° 900−920°C. After quenching the tube gain structure of ferrite with a small amount of titanium nitrides and oxides. To t° 300 °C they do not have any structural transformations. At higher heating starts embrittlement, and at 475 °C and above, the alloy formed intermetallic phase.


Brands such superferritic steels, as 01Х18М2Т-01Х25М2Т and VI-VI, in contrast to the ferritic steels of the 15KH25T pretty good welded by manual argon-arc welding, using a welding wire of SV-01Х18М2Т-VI and SV-01Х25М2Т-VI. Note that the rate of heat input should not be greater than 100 MJ/m2. The threshold of cold brittleness of welded joints of thin-walled tubes made with low heat input, is equal to 0 °C. a welded joint of steels in tests according to AMU GOST 6032−89 not inclined to intergranular corrosion.


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