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Characteristics of the alloy

Titanium alloy VT8 refers to α+β alloys, it is alloyed with 6.5% Al and 3.3% Mo, 0.3% Bi. It was developed by VIAM in 1958. Later its modifications VT8-1, VT8M, VT8M-1 were suggested. Optimal combination of properties provides double and isothermal annealing. The content of β-phase in the annealed alloy is 10%. Alloys of this type are thermally hardenable.

Advantages and application of BT8 titanium alloy

Specific weight t° of melting. Properties Technology Application
4.48 g/cm³ 980-1020° High percentage of Al and alloying with Si gives higher strength and heat resistance compared to VT6. The maximum operating temperature is +480°. Alloy VT8 is superior to VT3-1 and VT9 in terms of thermal stability, ductility, processability and crack resistance. It deforms in hot state with satisfactory results. Technological consistency in die machining is worse than that of VT6. Welding is not recommended. Blades and disks of low pressure compressors, fastener parts including fans.

Advantages and production of VT8 titanium tube

Semifinished product Heat treatment Strength (MPa) Plasticity δ% KCU J/cm³
VT8 typical properties Annealed 1080 12% ---
VT8 hot drawn pipes Annealed Over 950 Over 6% Over 30
VT8 hot drawn pipes Delivery condition 1050 10,5% 55
VT8 hot-deformed pipes 950°, 1 h to 570° 1 h, air 1100 9,5% 58
VT8 hot-deformed pipes 920°, 1 h up to 600° 1 h, air 1030 9,7% 62

Application of titanium tubes VT8

High strength and heat resistance, plasticity and thermostability allow to use such tubes in mechanical engineering, chemical production and oil and gas industry for the production of pipelines, pumps, reactors. These pipes are biologically inert, which makes them popular in pharmaceuticals and medicine. Non-magnetic is a significant advantage in the installation of electrical equipment.


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