Aluminum rail


Aluminum rail is characterized by high ductility, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is non-magnetic, have bactericidal properties, biological inertness, meets the most stringent sanitary standards. It is electrically conductive, aesthetically attractive, can withstand considerable static loads. Without it today can not imagine the construction, installation, repair work, refrigeration.


In the construction industry in the construction of hinged slatted facades (HFF). Rack of alloy AMC (3003) is used to clad the facades of buildings: residential, industrial and warehouse facilities, entire industrial complexes. Such slat is easily rolled, so the facades can be and rounded shape (minimum diameter - 500 mm). Rack and pinion suspended ceilings, GRILLATO ceilings are widely used. The Alloy 3005, 3003 and 5052 ribbons with protective coating are used for these ceilings. These alloys are designed for the technology of cold profiling and prefabrication, are highly resistant to corrosion. Grilled ceiling GRILLATO cells can be of different sizes: from 50x50 mm to 200x200 mm in different combinations. The height of the U-profile is most often either 40 or 50 mm. In the design and architecture of aluminum strip produce structural and decorative elements of the exterior and interior. For the needs, food and refrigeration industry made of aluminum strip cooling elements radiators and coolers. It is used for laying the heating mains, air ducts, heating and air conditioning systems


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