Pipe KHN32T - ЭП670

International Equivalent

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XN32T EP670 1.4876 N08800 X10CrNiAlTi32-21 Delivery from the stock, in stock
XN32T EP670 1.4876 N08810 X10CrNiAlTi32-21 Delivery from the stock, in stock
XN32T EP670 1.4876 N08811 X10CrNiAlTi32-21 Delivery from the stock, in stock
Х20Н32Т EP670 Delivery from the stock, in stock

Dignity KHN32T

Tube, special corrosion-resistant steel KHN32T belongs to the category of stainless steel. It does not corrode, is not magnetic, does not form oxides at t° up to 850 °C and can withstand aggressive environments at high temperatures. This material is more heat resistant than relateenemies alloys. Is the dignity of the pipe KHN32T, as the ability to hardening by heat treatment allows its use for large diameter pipe gazootvodjashchego type. The disadvantage is the instability in the atmosphere of sulfur and sulfur compounds. The presence of Nickel and titanium in the composition makes the pipe more expensive but also more reliable. Their cost is more than kompensiruet strength and durability. They are in demand in many sectors of modern industry.

Chemical composition is regulated by GOST 5632−72.

Name GOST C S P Al Si Mn Ti Cr Ni Fe
Pipe KHN32T 5632−72 0,005 up to 0.02 0.03 to 0.5 to 0.7 to 0.7 Of 0.25 to 0.6 from 19 to 22 from 30 to 34 41,4 to 50,75

Also in the alloy as impurities are present and other chemicals in small proportions. A good combination of basic elements makes the steel alloy KHN32T widely popular and frequently used in different industrial sectors.

Physical quality

E 10— 5 a 10 6 Heat Density
Grad MPa 1/Deg W/(mgrad) g/cm3
20 Of 2.05 15,6 8,16  
200 15.6 15.1    
400 18 18 7,98  
600 18.4 20.5    
800 19 23.4 7,79  


Pipe KHN32T used in particularly severe conditions, which need to resist corrosion. They are often used as containers for the transport of chemically active substances, as the alloy KHN32T features: excellent durability, excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Often the pipe is not a final product, but only the workpiece for cutting, punching, pressing in bearings, separators, and other round parts and bearings. KHN32T pipe has found its application in the manufacture of parts for equipment operating at high temperatures > 700 °C in the oil and gas industry, engineering and metallurgy. In the process of manufacture is made by strict control of compliance with domestic and international quality requirements. This ensures security and the use without restriction of such products in construction, food, chemical enterprises, machine building and medical industries.


The price of the pipes is determined by the value of its constituent components. The cost reflects the diameter of the pipe, the quality and cleanliness of the surface, namely: the number of completed treatments — polishing and polishing. Surface of the pipe can be sanded and polished, Matt rustovannoj. Basically the market supplied pipe with the length of 4 — 12 meters of Pipe can have a circular or square cross-section. The purpose of such pipes and their price is different.

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