1.4113 - aisi 434 pipe, wire, circle

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Evek GmbH offers to buy voluminous rolled products made of stainless steel AISI 434 (1.4113) at a favorable price. The company guarantees delivery of pipes and wires made of this steel grade in any assortment of lengths and diameters, and the supplier provides delivery of the batch of goods to any point specified by the customer.

Composition and properties

AISI 434 (1.4113) stainless steel of ferrite class differs from the nearest analogues with the increased content of titanium, the element that stabilizes the properties of the material during its melting. Increased percentage of chromium provides increased resistance to high-temperature corrosion, and the presence of aluminum provides increased deoxidizability of steel. The chemical composition of the steel is presented in the table below:

Component С Cr Mn Ti Si Ni Al Fe
Percentage content Not more than 0.03 17...19 Not more than 1,0 0,2...1,1 0.2 0.1 1.1 No more than 1.0 Not over 0,5 Not more than 0.5 The rest

As inevitable impurities in the steel also contain sulfur, nitrogen (in an amount not exceeding 0.03%), and phosphorus (in an amount not exceeding 0.040%).

Assessment of the steel's anti-corrosion properties

Due to the presence of chromium steel AISI 434 (1.4113) is characterized by high resistance to pitting-corrosion, when under constant influence of mechanical pressure, high temperatures and constant presence of active oxidants the gradual formation of micro-cavities and cracks occur on the surface of parts. Considerable amount of titanium slows down intercrystalline corrosion that promotes keeping of parts surface layers continuity even at 900...9500 С temperatures. Steel is resistant to the effects on parts of chemically aggressive environments that may be present in the environment - chlorides, oxides, as well as products of oil and gas processing.


Due to the low carbon content, there are no iron carbides in the steel structure, which positively affects its plastic characteristics. Therefore AISI 434 (1.4113) steel is noted for its good dieability. Pipes made of this steel are easy to cold bend and roll, as well as bending, including spatial bending. AISI 434 (1.4113) wire has good cold upsetting and drawing ability without risk of cracking. The steel acquires an austenitic structure and hardens somewhat during normal heat treatment, through hardening, annealing and tempering, without changing its ferromagnetic characteristics. When machining with metal-cutting machines, it is recommended to use tools made of high-speed steels or hard alloys. The steel has a good weldability, because there are no carbides and nitrides in the steel microstructure which complicate the process. There is no significant martensite formation in the structure during the hardening process, hence the level of residual stresses is low. That is why there is no tendency for warping of bulk parts after machining.


Pipe and wire of steel AISI 434 (1.4113) is used as blanks for the production of critical parts of connecting fittings for oil and gas pipelines, where the constant pumping of chemically active liquids and gases at elevated temperatures. In this case there are no internal stress concentrators. The nearest domestic analogue of steel AISI 434 (1.4113) is stainless steel 08X13T, which is produced according to State Standard 5632. However, in many respects the performance characteristics of steel AISI 434 (1.4113) is much higher.

Buy wire and pipe made of AISI 434 (1.4113) steel at the offer of Evek GmbH is reasonable and profitable. Constructions and equipment parts made of this material will be distinguished by increased indicators of corrosion resistance and heat resistance.