VT5 - titanium tube

International Equivalent

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BT5 3.7115 R54520 Ti5Al2.5Sn Delivery from the stock, in stock
BT5-1 3.7115 R54520 Ti5Al2.5Sn Delivery from the stock, in stock


VT5 is one of the first Russian industrial alloys. It was developed by VIAM at the beginning of 1950s. It is the foundry variant of VT5L alloy. VT5-1 (analogues of the foreign titanium alloy Ti-5Al-22,5Sn) have been offered by VIAM in 1958. They are single-phase alloys with α-structure. They are not hardened by heat treatment.

Percentage composition of VT5-1 GOST 19 807- - 91

H N C Si O Zr Fe Sn V Al Ti Other
0,015 0,05 0,1 0,12 0,15 0,3 0,3 2 - 3 1,2 4,3 - 6 88,833 - 93,4 up to 0,3%

Alloy VT5-1kg with a reduced content of impurities is designed to operate at cryogenic temperatures, it is used in pump impellers for the supply of liquid hydrogen.

Advantages of VT5, VT5-1

Alloy Specific weight melting point t°. Properties Technology Application
VT5 4.41 g/cm³ 980-1030° Medium strength and low process ductility. Aluminum increases strength and heat resistance but reduces processability. Low technological ductility in pressure treatment. Welds well with all types of welding. Good foundry properties. Parts and constructions working for a long time at 350-400°.
VT5-1 4.42 g/cm³. 950-990° Medium strength. Aluminum and tin increase strength and heat resistance properties. Tin increases processability in pressure processing. When casting ingots, some difficulties arise when introducing tin. Parts and structures of aircraft equipment working at t° 400-450°.

Application of tubes of BT grade.

Heat resistance, corrosion and cryogenic resistance, plasticity, low sensitivity to cuts, good weldability make it possible to widely use such titanium tubes in machine engineering, shipbuilding, aviation, rocket production, cryogenic and chemical industry.


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