Copper solder


What is copper solder, and what features does it have? Let's take a look at solder for copper pipes by Castolin. It consists of 93% copper and 7% phosphorus, has a melting point of 715 - 800 °C. The diameter of the pipes to be joined can be up to 2 mm. Another solder for copper is copper-phosphorus solder Harris 0%. It is used for soldering copper or copper alloys at high temperature. The concentration of ingredients in this alloy is 92.9% copper to 7.1% phosphorus. The next solder for copper is Chemet SP-6, also copper-phosphorus. This solder is used for tin bronze and brass. The ratio of components in this alloy is about 6% phosphorus to 94% copper. Work with this alloy should be at t ° 760 ° C. Harris 2% copper solder is used in high-temperature brazing of copper. Its melting point is 643 - 788 °C. Copper solder such as Castolin 5280 2% is effective for brazing copper with a silver additive of 2%. Its melting point is 650-820 °C.

Chemet P-II 2% is represented by the following composition: copper 92%, phosphorus 6% and silver 2%. This solder for copper melts at t ° 740 ° C. It is also used during soldering of tin and silver alloys. Castolin 5% model 5286 copper pipe solder contains 5% silver and is made in Germany. Its melting point is 650-810°C. The 5% Harris pipe brazing solder was developed in the USA and finds its place in brazing brass, copper alloys and copper.

A more versatile solder for copper pipes is Castolin 5283, which is used for soldering tin bronze, copper and brass. As another option, you can consider a solder for soldering pipes by Harris 15%. The composition here will be as follows: silver 15%, phosphorus 5% and copper 80%.

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