Brass woven mesh


Manufacturing is regulated by GOST 6613-86. The woven brass mesh has the size of meshes 0,071-2,5 mm. Usually it is made of L80 wire. Brass wire mesh is made from annealed bronze wire of БрОф 6,5-0,4 brand (mesh size 0,04-0,16 mm). The woven mesh with a square-shaped mesh is the most popular.


The versatility of bronze and brass woven mesh is in its resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. Such meshes are used for filtration and purification of paints, food powder or liquid mixtures, or, for example, fuel and lubricants. Their high resistance to corrosion makes them the basis for filters in medical devices, oil and fuel filters. In addition, such nets are used for screening moving parts of mechanisms.

Size of mesh side in light, mm Wire diameter, mm Mesh width, mm Price
0,04 БрОФ 0,03 1000 negotiated
0,045 BrOF 0,036 1000 contract
0,05 BrOF 0,04 1000 contract
0.056 BrOF 0,04 1000 contract
0,063 BrOF 0,04 1000 contract
0,071 0,05 1000 contract
0,08 0,055 1000 treaty
0,1 0,06 1000 treaty
0,112 0,08 1000 contract
0,125 0,08 1000 contract
0,14 0,09 1000 contract
0,16 0,1 1000 contract
0,18 0,12 1000 contract
0,2 0,12 1000 contract
0,25 0,12 1000 contract
0,28 0,14 1000 contract
0,315 0,16 1000 treaty
0,315 0,2 1300 contractual
0,355 0,16 1000 contract
0,4 0,16 1000 contract
0,45 0,2 1000 treaty
0,5 0,25 1000 treaty
0,56 0,25 1000 treaty
0,63 0,3 1000 treaty
0,7 0,3 1000 treaty
0,8 0,3 1000 treaty
0,9 0,4 1000 contractual
1,0 0,4 1000 treaty
1,25 0,4 1000 treaty
1,6 0,5 1000 treaty
2,0 0,4 1000 treaty
2,0 0,5 1000 treaty
2,5 0,5 1000 treaty
3,0 1,0 1000 treaty

Advantages of

Resistance to corrosion allows the use of such grids for a long time without loss of quality in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to their attractive appearance they are used as a decorative element. At a distance is difficult to see what is behind such a grid, but at the same time, it has good air permeability. Such a grid can fence water heating radiators. Resistance to corrosion allows the woven brass mesh for filtration of liquids and gases, as well as for dehydration or drying of mixtures. Woven brass mesh facilitates fine cleaning of abrasive powders. Depending on the mesh size, it is used for mixture enrichment and in the petroleum or chemical industry.

Application of

- Fractional separation of bulk materials, removal of foreign conglomerates

- Sorting the material after crushing. For the separation of bulk materials a grid with the most accurate mesh parameters with a deviation of not more than hundredths of a millimeter is used;

- filtration of liquid or gas streams;

- dewatering of waste mixtures;

- accelerated filtration of solutions under vacuum or overpressure;

- complete dewatering of cuttings of any origin;

- drilling mud recuperation during well drilling;

- Reinforcement of conveyor belts;

- purification of excessive clay drilling mud at the end of drilling to productive horizons;

- Thermal insulation of industrial and domestic utilities;

- Production of protective screens in mechanical engineering;


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