Cementable structural steel

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Features of the structure

Cemented constructional steels include steels with carbon content up to 0.2%, which are specified by Russian State Standard GOST 1050. Such steels also contain up to 0.65% manganese and up to 0.25% copper, nickel and chromium. There are also unavoidable metallurgical impurities - sulfur and phosphorus, percentage content of which does not exceed 0,035...0,04%.

The peculiarity of the microstructure of the cemented steels is the combination of the surface high strength layer and relatively ductile core. It allows successfully counteracting the periodic bending stresses. However, the relatively low hardness of such steels does not allow their use in heavily loaded assemblies of mechanisms and machines. Typical representatives of this group of steels are domestic grades of steel 20, steel 15Х and the like. Abroad, the group of cemented steels includes Ck10, Ck15, CQ15 and others, which are melted in accordance with DIN 17007 standard.

Properties and application

Low-carbon structural steels, after heat treatment by carburizing, nitro carburizing and cyanidation are used:

  • In the manufacture of parts such as axles, bushings, small shafts, the surface hardness of which cannot be lower than 60...62 HRC;
  • With the presence of alloying elements, particularly chromium - for the production of piston pins, clutches, guides;
  • With the presence of vanadium the cemented steels significantly increase their impact toughness under alternating loads.

Small additions of titanium reduce the tendency of cemented steels to overheat. The materials in question are well pressure treated when cold and hot.

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