Fabric expansion joint


KT fabric expansion joints are a device that consists of a bellows made of different fabric, depending on the connection end fittings and the characteristics of the working medium. The compensating capacity of such a compensator depends on the characteristics of the fabric used in the bellows and the variant of manufacturing the bellows. In the rectilinear section, if the temperature of the heating network changes between the fixed supports, the pipeline will gain only a small increment in length due to the thermal expansion of the material of the pipeline itself. At the same time, the resulting compressive or tensile stresses usually lead to bending of the pipes and possible destruction.

Compensators are made of one or more layers of gas-tight and insulating materials that are assembled in a "sandwich" manner. Such materials have a high chemical resistance superior to stainless steel. There are several types of compensators fastening: flange fastening for working temperatures over 500 °C type 101 - constructions with inner insulation, fastening under clamp or clamping type 000 are used.

Application of KT fabric expansion joints

The main area of application of fabric expansion joints are systems with gaseous media at t° up to 1200 °C. They are designed to absorb considerable vibrations, to seal dust and gas pipes, to relieve vibration loads and prevent deformation and fracture and to compensate for misalignment of pipe joints in piping systems with low operating pressure in rectangular flexible ducts and in the production of bulk materials. Fabric expansion joints are mainly used in the chemical, oil and gas processing industries to compensate for temperature changes in the shells of gas turbine and heat exchange equipment.

Operating conditions

- Medium pressure is max. 16 kg/cm2;

- Operating medium: air, steam or gas;

- Operating medium temperature: -60 + 150 С°.

Features of design

Fabric expansion joint CT is made of a combination of different fabric layers, each layer has its own physical and chemical characteristics:

- absorption of thermal expansion;

- absorption of strong vibrations;

- flexibility

- heat resistance (up to 700°C);

- Reactive minimum strength.

There are also different designs of flexible fabric expansion joint insert for different temperature conditions.

- 1 type - maximum t° 300 °C;

- Type 2 - maximum t° of 350°C;

- Type 3 - maximum t° 700 °C.

Politeknik fabric expansion joint

- Form: oval, rectangular or circular;

- Size: DN 50 - 12 000 mm;

- Temperature of the medium -60 + 150 °C0;

- Bellows: very strong, high-quality fabric;

- Number of sections: various on request;

- Frame, screen, casing: steel 20 or on request;

- Connection Type: flanged compensator or welded;

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