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US Department of Commerce gave the green light for a cheap titanium Firth Rixson

United States Department of Commerce (United States Department of Commerce) approved the abolition of import duties on titanium with resource supply for the needs of the metallurgical plant of Firth Rixson. About his participation in this event said Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, representing the 25th Congressional District of New York. According to the politician, she twice appealed to the head of USDC asking about preferences for titanium production, and it seems that the Ministry of its motions, finally, paid due attention.

It is known that for the protection of domestic producers of titanium US Department of Commerce levied party imported from abroad «winged metal» an additional fee of 15% of the cost of production. However, during the recession, companies that produce products from titanium alloys, on the verge of profitability, and therefore the owners of steel companies have attempted to reduce the cost of production due to imports of less expensive raw materials. Louise Slaughter, lobbied the interests of one of these companies. «Titanium Firth Rixson plant located in my district, and I have done everything possible to» free hand «that manufacturer» — commented the representative of Congress.

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