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PJSC «Gaisky GOK» is a company of UMMC raw material complex. He finished the set skipaway mine hoisting machine. So were installed all its components and parts. The machine manufacturer engaged in Uralmashzavod,...
28 August 2019
Korean Doosan started to build a new plant in Hungary
Doosan is a Korean industrial group. She announced the start of construction of a new plant in Hungary. The company will engage in the production of copper foil. It will be located in the industrial...
14 August 2019
NLMK intends to implement a new iron and steel project in India
The Russian NLMK group wants to build in India a large metallurgical enterprise. For the first time this was announced last year. The company offered to build the plant, which produces electrical steel. The size of the investment...
12 August 2019
Holding Inalum plans to create new facilities for the production of aluminum and Nickel
Inalum Indonesian state mining and metallurgical holding. He outlined his plans for the next five years. Thus, the holding intends to allocate investment to $ 10 billion. They will be used to implement several industrial projects.
9 August 2019
Factory «the Ural smithy» is part of Mechel Group. It became known that he began to produce new and unique products. This large forged steel ingots weighing over 60 tons. More than any Russian company does not produce...
8 August 2019
The Japanese Corporation Nippon Steel will sell some of their assets
Nippon Steel is one of Japan’s largest metallurgical corporations. News Agency Nikkei reported that the company sell part of its assets. In total, they are estimated at 200 billion yen. It is about 1.85 billion...
7 August 2019
The Australian company will supply lithium concentrate Chinese enterprises
Two Chinese companies have signed long-term agreements with Australian companies. And this was done almost at the same time. Thus, the Chinese company will receive a lithium concentrate from Australia. The concentrate will be used for the...
2 August 2019