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Cooperation with research institutes
Cooperation Company "Electrovek-steel" with research institutes
27 January 2010
Allegheny titanium
American Corporation Allegheny Technologies decided to start producing titanium sponge at its new plant
24 January 2010
LME molybdenum
We welcome the molybdenum brands, which together with previous registrars, cobalt brands, will give impetus to the development of new contracts.
24 January 2010
stainless steel 15%
Raised export prices of $ 300 per ton, while still offering a discount of $ 100 for volume orders more than 500 tons.
24 January 2010
stainless steel 15%
Occupying nearly 2% of the global volume of smelting steel - stainless steel as a litmus test reacts to the decline in business activity.
24 January 2010
The price of nickel in 2010
The company expects growth in nickel consumption this year by 7% - after three consecutive years of decline.
19 January 2010
Buryatia tungsten
In the next few years there, from scratch, mining and processing plant will be built.
15 January 2010
Where to get stainless steel?
In the period from January to November 2009 compared to the same period of 2008, the volume of production of stainless steel products decreased by 40.1% and amounted to 65840 tons.
15 January 2010
the January price for stainless steel
recent years, the volume of world production of stainless steel has been steadily declining.
15 January 2010
Titanium concentrate
The main producers of titanium concentrates in Ukraine are state-owned enterprises Volnogorskiy MMC (Dnipropetrovsk region). Irshansky and Mining (Zhytomyr region).
11 January 2010
demand for molybdenum
Consumers are now willing to pay about $ 11.50 per pound and the case goes to $ 12 per pound, - said one of the traders
5 January 2010
Imports of stainless steel in Russia
Recall that in late September 2009, the Russian government established the anti-dumping duties on imports of steel pipes from corrosion for a period of three years.
2 January 2010
Restrictions on exports
subject to licensing ferronickel, ferrotitanium, ferrous alloys, stainless steel bars and other forms of primary and various copper products, including tubes, rods and others.
2 January 2010
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