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Expectations of demand for steel in January, pushing up the price of molybdenum?

As analysts Metal Bulletin noted, molybdenum prices have risen slightly in recent years due to moderate growth in consumer interest in the January transfers. Sources on the market reported that spot prices for molybdenum oxide on the penultimate week of December in the range of $ 11,25−11,50 per pound compared with $ 10,90−11,30 per pound two weeks ago, the price of Ferro also increased — 12,50−13 from $ to $ 13−13,50 per pound.
«Consumers are now willing to pay about $ 11.50 per pound and the case goes to $ 12 per pound, — said one of the traders. — It is also markedly increase the activity of the Chinese market. They are not buying large parties, but their presence is definitely increased, and this can put pressure on prices upward. «
According to another trader, this rise is a bit surprising, given the fact that in the last few weeks, all slowed down and weakened capacity loading steelmakers, although buyers can insure against the exhaustion of reserves after the resumption of activity in January.

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