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Ukraine has identified a list of steel products, which is licensed in 2010 exports

The Cabinet of Ministers has identified a list of products containing alloyed ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and their alloys, the export of which is subject to licensing in 2010.

According to the government decree № 1406 of December 23, 2009 «On approval of the list of goods exports and imports are subject to licensing and quotas for 2010» (supplement number 5), subject to licensing ferronickel, ferrotitanium, ferro alloys, stainless steel ingots and other primary forms and various copper products, including tubes, rods and others.

Licensed and secondary aluminum alloys in ingots and liquid, aluminum products, raw lead, molds and ladles, as well as parts and converters for use in metallurgy and foundry industry.

All these products are subject to licensing in 2009.

However, from the list of licensed goods in the next year removed parts for rolling mills and rolls for them, raw aluminum, rods, bars and profiles of aluminum and aluminum products.

At the same time introduced the licensing of the 2010 pig-doped iron, cast iron and a mirror etc., As well as charge ingots for remelting (code 7204 50 00 00).

According to the decree, the license for the export of goods from the list issued by the Ministry of Economy in coordination with the Ministry of Industrial Policy.

The decision comes into force from January 1, 2010.

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