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Cooperation with research institutes

«Electrovek-steel» company has developed close cooperation with the institutes of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Russia:

  1. Institute for Single Crystals,
  2. Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology,
  3. Donbass State Technical University,
  4. Institute of Thermoelectricity,
  5. Baku Institute of Physics.

To date, strengthening and expanding partnerships with research institutes is one of the main issues in the strategic planning of the company. The negotiation, execution and signing of contracts — a protracted process that we are trying to reduce to a minimum the interim, what distinguishes our company from many others.

In turn, SRI provides the use of their developments in the field of metallurgy and metalworking cutting very thin strips on high-precision equipment, vacuum annealing and annealing in an inert gas, hauling wire with minimum tolerances to a diameter of 0.25 mm.

recovery process is observed today after the economic crisis provides an opportunity to talk about the establishment of new contacts between the scientific elite, business and production in Ukraine.

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