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In Buryatia will resume production of tungsten

Resume production at the plant is planned Dzhidinsky tungsten in Buryatia. As told the IRA «East-Teleinform» Head of the Republic of Belarus for Subsoil Use Agency (Buryatnedra) George Yalovik, the competition for the right to use subsoil Holtosonskogo valframovogo and Inkurskogo Valfre-molybdenum deposits held in December 2009.

In the next few years there, from scratch, mining and processing plant will be built. Doing this will be the company Tverdosplav.

This measure is aimed, in particular, and to improve the socio-economic situation in Zakamensk, who in his time, was built specifically for practicing and Holtosonskogo Inkurskogo fields. Most of the population of the city or worked at the plant or on the related industries and businesses. When the plant was closed, people lost their jobs.

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