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The increase in production of stainless steel in 2010 could exceed 15%?

The global stainless steel market in recent years, can not boast of a positive dynamics of the increase in production volumes. According to expert estimates, in 2009 the global stainless steel smelting, compared with 2008, decreased by 7.7% and amounted to 23.9 Given the impact of the financial crisis, this volume can be considered quite acceptable. Occupying nearly 2% of the global volume of smelting steel — stainless steel as a litmus test reacts to the decline in business activity in the most technologically advanced industries. However, the situation is changing and that the more gratifying in a positive way. The gradual global economic recovery and the resumption of suspended investment will undoubtedly help to increase demand for the main types of stainless steel products in 2010. According to experts, the volume of global stainless steel smelting in 2010 could increase to 27
Do not bypass this process, and Russia. According to experts, «Special Steels' Association, the consumption of stainless steel in Russia in 2009, compared with 2008, decreased by 40% and amounted to about 180 thousand tonnes The bottom has already passed and gradually the market recovers. However, in the way of this process there will be many obstacles, one of which is price uncertainty.

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