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Korean Doosan started to build a new plant in Hungary

Doosan is a Korean industrial group. She announced the start of construction of a new plant in Hungary. The company will engage in the production of copper foil. It will be located in the industrial Park called Tatabanya. It is located in the North-Western part of the country. The future plant will produce about 50 thousand tons of products. This refers to a year. The main consumers of products are enterprises producing batteries. These batteries are used in the production of electric vehicles.

The Korean group is that the stated capacity is sufficient. It would provide current sources of about 2.2 million vehicles. Again in the year. The production of electric cars in the world is not as fast as expected. Moreover, it started somewhat slow down. Therefore it is advisable to build a new plant, but to establish more power.

The highest concentration of the produced battery performance recorded in Central Europe. In Poland there is a factory built by the Korean company LG Chem. In Hungary, a factory, built by Samsung SDI. In the North-Western part of Hungary is a plant of the Korean company SK Innovation. Moreover, she began to build another plant. The total capacity of the plants is 17 GWh per year. At present, it is enough to meet current demand. But according to experts, it will gradually grow.

So Doosan predicts strong growth in demand in copper foil. Experts estimate that by 2025, demand will grow 13 times. This was the impetus for the company to move into this market. The first steps in that direction she started doing in 2014. Then, it has acquired Circuit Foil Luxembourg.

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