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PJSC "Gaiskiy GOK" set mine hoisting machine

PJSC «Gaisky GOK» is a company of UMMC raw material complex. He finished the set skipaway mine hoisting machine. So were installed all its components and parts. The machine manufacturer engaged in Uralmashzavod, which is located in Yekaterinburg. The new machine is a replacement for the old, whose life has been exhausted. Equipment installation is the final step in the program of the enterprise. It is aimed at the reconstruction of the mine «Operational» and was launched in 2011. Skipovogo lifting equipment is used for the issuance of the rock mass. This is done from the horizon of 1310 metres.

In the process of varying the details of the machine. So at the level of «+54» specialists assembled electrical equipment for machine control. There they laid cable route. Then I installed deviant array. This was done at the level of «+68». The highest point is «+83». There is mounted the mechanical part of the new installation. Today the specialists of the enterprise are busy debugging the operation of the new lifting machine. From skip hoisting has two skip. The capacity of each of them is 50 tons. They both have eight hoisting ropes. Their diameter is 50.5 mm. At the last equipment was the ropes with a diameter of 45.5 mm. Skips moving at a speed of 16 m/s.

The new machine is the large-sized equipment in Russia. It has a traction sheave with a diameter of 5 meters. The car has received two engines. The capacity of each of them is 5.5 MW. In addition, it is equipped with hydraulic system and shaft-stem-theft alarm system. There is also a system hardware control. The equipment was engineered according to the requirements of the Gaysky GOK.

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