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In MEPS expect a rise in price of stainless metal

MEPS Analytical Office Specialists (UK) believe that the experts stainless steel global market there is good reason to expect a rise of the cost of production of corrosion-resistant alloys at the beginning of this year. The main factors influencing the pricing in the sector — say British experts — will be preserved from the end of last year, the trend of growth of quotations of raw materials, the possible revival of consumer demand (especially likely — in emerging economies) and the behavior of some trading companies that are waiting for market recovery They tend to make up their own stocks.

Despite the positive outlook in general for the stainless steel sector, MEPS fear doing too optimistic findings for all 4 quarters and for all market participants. According to British analysts have a tangible impact on the pricing policy in 2013 will be an expected oversupply of stainless steel, which is probably going to dictate producers prone to dumping price policy during the season of summer «stagnation» and will cause a drop in value in the last months of the year. Another factor holding back on the stainless metal prices (most of all — in the developed countries), will be the state of the nickel market, which, according to experts, is expected to substantial surplus metal.

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