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POSCO will retain the December prices for stainless steel

The Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO) decided to leave the rental cost of stainless steel for January contract at the level of the last months of 2012 prices of the year. This is with reference to official sources in metallurgical corporation reported on the pages of his news portal is one of the leading traders in the sector of special steels Taiwan — Yieh Corp.

Recent trends corrosive metal market (including — increase in prices for alloying elements) pushed many manufacturers of these products require adjustments to the price lists in a big way. Asian steel mills were not an exception. In particular, recently announced its decision to increase the rental value of the Taiwanese colleagues reported POSCO — Company Yieh United Steel Corp (YUSCO). The organization added in the new year to their December's price of 10−80 US dollars per ton. Another Asian manufacturer — Japanese Nippon Steel and Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation (NSSC) — announced a more radical rise in price of stainless steel. A ton of its products this month rose in price by 240−360 USD (compared with the December price lists).

The companies fix prices for stainless products toward more expensive, consider: these adjustments — a sensible decision, dictated by a high probability of recovery in demand. However, there is among market analysts and special steels such organizations who regard optimistic reaction to the current market situation as premature. For example, in the analytic agency MEPS (UK) suggest that clearly defined progress in stainless steel sector should not be expected in the near future. Apparently, in POSCO this view is fully shared.

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