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American steelmakers adjust prices stainless metal

Management steelmaker AK Steel Holding (West Chester, Ohio, USA) has decided to revise the cost of its own production of stainless steel products for February contracts.

In particular, the US management of the holding from the 3rd of the next month will correct allowance for alloying elements, leaving unchanged the base price of the metal. After updating of price lists, Allowances for pound stainless steel 304 will increase by 1.2%, and would amount to 0.78 US dollars per pound of metal (about 1727 USD per ton). Roughly the same proportion will increase premiums for steel series 201 (growth — 1.5%, the size of the new co-payment — 52 cents per pound or US $ 1146 per tonne). And the biggest run-up to the January prices will show 316 stainless alloys The total cost of this production in February will increase by $ 1.16 USD. Per pound (2557 USD per 1,000 kg.), And supplement to exceed the size of the current month in the current allowances by 2% .

Holding AK Steel (formerly — American Rolling Mill Corporation) — one of the 500 largest US companies. The company owns a number of industrial enterprises in several American cities, and also owns production assets in Mexico, Canada and Western Europe. Holding specializes in the production and sales of special steels (in Vol. H. Of stainless steel, carbon steel, electric) of metal for the needs of automobile production and several kinds of finished products from steel alloys (road barriers, pipes and other products).

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