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In Nikopol launch Welded titanium pipe production

In the town of Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk region) at the production facilities of the company «VSMPO titanium Ukraine» will soon begin production of a new product for the company — welded titanium tubes. «The equipment is already purchased; left to train staff, «- commented the representatives of the organization.

In Nikopol pipe rolling already manufactured from titanium alloys, but its range is now limited only by the way in the production of seamless pipes of cold and hot deformation. Expanding the range of products — according to the company — will be another important step on the way of the organization to the maximum possible presence of VSMPO products on the global market.

«VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE» — one of the subsidiaries of Russian titanium giant — the corporation «VSMPO-AVISMA.» Today Nikopol plant capacity can produce about 700 metric tons of titanium tubes per year. The range of the company — a fairly wide range of products with a seamless profile diameter from 2 to 325-year-mm. The new line, equipped with modern welding machines from the Italian company OLIMPIA-80, will allow the company to significantly expand the list of products offered. The main focus of the company management makes the production of thin (less costly in materials) lengthy tube made of titanium alloys, demand in desalination technology and is widely used in the nuclear power plant coolers.

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