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VSMPO-Avisma plans to set a new record for the production of titanium

Leaders of the Russian company «VSMPO-Avisma» plans this year to set a new record in terms of production of titanium sponge (an intermediate product of the process of producing metallic titanium). The minimum figure, which focuses Verkhnesaldinskoye company management — 43 thousand tons of finished product.

We recall that in 2012, «VSMPO-Avisma» demonstrated a significant jump in performance of production of titanium sponge, «jumping» with the current best result in 38.95 kDa tonnes (record, recorded in 1990) to mark 42 kDa tonnes (+ 8%). This year, the gap between the current maximum and the planned indicators of a much smaller (only 2.5%). However, given the proximity of this figure to the extreme limit the plant capacity, analysts do not dare to call the mark of 43 thousand. Tonnes task with a simple solution. However, the corporation management Verkhnesaldinskoye sure that the claimed boundaries will be drawn.

For realization of the pans guide «VSMPO-Avisma» take a number of measures that optimize the enterprise titanium production process. «First of all, will be upgraded melting capacity of the company. Secondly — will operate a new warehouse for raw ilmenite with capacity of 26 thousand tons… In addition, this year will be put into operation a new gas treatment equipment, will start installing advanced argon. And this list of measures for improvement does not end «- commented on the production plans of the corporation VSMPO representatives.

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