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Kola MMC finished upgrading ACS line electrolysis nickel

Experts Mining and Metallurgical Company «Kola» (Russia, Murmansk region) completed the modernization of automated process technology for refining raw material management system in the department hydrometallurgical shop electrolysis nickel (Ceng). The equipment was installed in place of the existing ASU has lost its relevance, the latest upgrade which was carried out over 10 years ago. The new system will allow operators to more efficiently diagnose the line work of the concentrate-carbonate line, ensure the stable operation of the equipment and significantly simplify the support units in working condition.

Installed by experts automated system — a modern software and hardware tools, ensuring secure user control over the equipment line electrolysis nickel production at several levels. ACS collects data on the status of components and materials, processes the array Bang information, displays the results of its analysis on the touchpad in human-readable form, and provides backward communications technicians with the actuators. In this case — in contrast to the earlier work on control line — new ASU is connected to the unified information management network that provides a new level of access to information for all employees involved in the production process.

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