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Russia: it published a law abolishing the competition for the federal mines

In Russia, it issued a law under which the right of mining resources in the fields of federal significance will no longer be distributed through competitions. Now the license permitting the extraction of nickel, cobalt, PGM, diamonds and uranium sold Rosnedra sites can «find yourself master» exclusively through auctions.

In addition to the above permits, through trading on a «one more buy» will be distributed and the right to development of large oil and gas fields, deposits of rare metals (tantalum, beryllium, niobium, lithium), significant reserves of copper and gold, as well as a license to display raw materials, high-purity quartz, some kinds of rare earth elements of yttrium group and deposits of underground mining on the marine territories of Russia, which also belong to the «federal subsoil plots» list.

The draft of the Act (to be exact — the new amendments thereto) was first «officially» voiced by Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the commission on the fuel and energy sector in July last year. Then the Russian government to focus on the imperfections of «On Subsoil» legislation in force in the country. In particular, as arguments lobbyists adjustments gave examples with the «sensational» competition for the nickel mines in Voronezh region, the event was, by definition, oilfield developer to them. Trebs and Titov, the case of polymetallic deposit «Norilsk-1» and other «high-profile» cases of recent years. However, despite the «high» status lobbyists innovations, the latest version of the Law has been adopted by the State Duma of Russia only 21 December 2012, the year and the approval of the Federation Council has received 5 days after this point. His signature is on a document president — Vladimir Putin — already put in the new 2013-th year.

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