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Stainless steel from Aperam more expensive in February

Management of the company Aperam (former division of special steels ArcelorMittal) has decided to raise the price of products in stainless steel for February contracts. According to preliminary announcements of new price lists the base price of corrosion-resistant metal grades from this European manufacturer from the beginning of next month will increase by an average of 50 euros per tonne.

Earlier Aperam carefully looked at the prospects of price increases, and not shared with other stainless steel market participants optimistic mood. Since late last year in specialized media published a commentary analyst of the corporation in which the expert said the following: «The situation with import duties on stainless steel in Brazil and the trend to higher prices for corrosion-resistant steel — definitely a positive phenomenon. However, further development of the situation with the situation on the market remains hazy, so our company is considered appropriate to proceed with caution. «

Apparently, pessimism Aperam in the 4th quarter of last year related to the protracted fall in income in the organization of the first three quarters of it. Recall that in January-March 2012 with a slight decrease in the volume of shipments (minus 4.2%), corporate profits (compared to last year's data) decreased by more than 50%. Do not bring us relief and subsequent months: in the summer holiday season, and in the autumn months of the profitability figures of European manufacturers of stainless metal stably showed a negative trend.

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