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Fighters against the nickel mine in the Voronezh region appealed to the UN

Activists of the movement, is opposed to the development of nickel mine in the Voronezh region, turned for help to the United Nations. According to the group «In Defense Chopra» initiating treatment, members of the movement have written several applications in a number of international bodies. Among them — the department responsible for the United Nations activities in the field of human rights, «the Food and Agriculture Organization» structure (FAO), the committee leadership, supervising the observance of the International Covenant «on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights», as well as a special curator of the issue of residents' rights planet to adequate food.

The appeal sent by activists at the UN, said that the planned regional administration to develop nickel deposits Elkinskoe and Elan will cause drastic changes in the usual way of life of local people, a negative impact on the ecology of the region and will have a tangible negative impact on the development of agriculture sector in the surrounding areas (with consequent serious consequences). Also in the texts of their letters to members of the movement «In Defense Chopra» we noted that planned for the near future further exploration nickel mines may catalyze popular indignation, which (under the influence of government inaction) so is on the verge of controllability. In view of these circumstances, participants asked the representatives of the initiative group of international organizations to respond to his appeal with the greatest possible efficiency.

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