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NLMK launched a large-scale reconstruction of the steelmaking

It is reported that NLMK started the implementation of a new project. We are talking about large-scale reconstruction of the steelmaking plant. The process will be updated a number of units. First of all, the converters. Also will be reconstructed gas-related equipment at the Converter shop № 2. The project will be implemented in two stages.

The first will last about 5 months. In the process, will be replaced by the Converter No. 2. The current volume is 300 tons. Instead, he mounts a volume of 330 tons. Special attention will be paid to the reconstruction of the exhaust path. Finally will be installed, the new system of collection and cleaning of the BOF gas. The second phase will start next year. It will last until the end of 2020. It involves the replacement of Converter # 3.

The need for major reconstruction due to several reasons. First of all, the enterprise needs to adopt modern environmental solutions. Currently, there are new environmental requirements. In addition, will be introduced energy-saving technologies. This will reduce the costs of the enterprise. Modern technologies allow to increase the efficiency of gas purification. And almost 2.5 times. But despite the increase in production volume, emissions will be almost.

Thanks to the reconstruction will increase the capacity of the workshop. Currently, it is 8.5 million tons of steel. This refers to a year. After updating the index to increase to 10 million tonnes of steel. Thus, an increase of 18%. The amount of emissions to be reduced by 70%. The project will cost 23 billion rubles.

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