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The Commission again raised the issue regarding import restrictions of steel

Only recently a decision was made regarding protective measures in the European Union. Quotas were introduced on imports of steel products. However, the European Commission will re-consider this decision. Currently, a global quota. But the retrial will turn it into the country. It is reported by Argus Media. The main initiator is the European steel Association Eurofer. Now has created favorable conditions for Russian and Turkish imports. So say representatives of the Association. This applies in particular to deliveries of the Russian company «Severstal».

The Association cited several recent data. In January-may of this year 58% of imports come from these countries. We are talking about the supply of hot rolled coils. Turkey really saw an increase in imports to Europe. She has put about 1.4 million tons for the European market. Over the same period last year the figure was 53% less. As for the Russian imports to Europe, he declined. The difference amounted to 5%. However, increased average monthly volume of deliveries. Growth reached 16.5%. The comparison takes the average result for 2015−2017 years. This indicator has been considered in the introduction of country quota.

Import hot rolled coils from other countries declined. We are talking about China, Iran, Brazil, and Ukraine. However, until the mid month of the current quarterly quota has not been exhausted. The filling was only 82%. Consumers in Europe are opposed to the country quotas. They agreed on global quotas to galvanized steel and wire rod. In their opinion, it is not advisable to consider the indicator of 2015−2017. Currently, the situation is completely different.

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