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Severstal will supply rolled metal for the production of future Nissan models

Technical center of the company «Nissan manufacturing RUS» has approved the supply of metal of Severstal. So will be supplied with two-phase galvanized metal brand HCT780X and HCT980X. The company was issued the appropriate conclusion. Its products comply with all submitted customer specifications. Thus, Severstal will deliver products for mass production cars. We are talking about future Nissan models in Russia. In addition, additional tests are conducted. According to the results, the company may be able to supply to other countries. This also applies to metal up to 1 mm.

It is known that the car industry often uses a two-phase steel. It is, in fact, versatile material. Thanks to him, the car weighs less. The level of safety is not reduced and even increased. At a lower weight, respectively, consumed less fuel. This, in turn, reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Severstal offers a comprehensive maintenance program. It is formed based on the individual needs of the client. So developed new types of products. It always focuses on its quality. In the production process uses the technology of industry 4.0. In addition, the company is engaged in technical support of the recycling process.

In the current year, Severstal presented its novelty. We are talking about the technology of production of hot rolled pickled rolled FB 590. It was developed especially for customers from the automotive industry. New technology allows you to create suspension components and wheels.

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