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First cargo company began using a new software solution

First cargo company announced some interesting news. She begins to use a new software solution. It is called SAP S/4HANA. In addition, the company will implement SAP Transportation Management. It is specially adapted under specificity of the enterprise. Thus, to automate core business processes. Moreover it will have a positive impact on the efficiency of fleet management. Naturally, will increase the quality of customer service. The development of software solutions to the experts SAP Digital Business Services.

With the introduction of modern technologies significantly improve the performance of the enterprise. The company will be easier to deal with the different transformation tasks. Thanks to the new automation, the company will be able to respond more quickly to changes. This applies in particular to changes in the market. The primary advantage is the speed of interaction with shippers. In fact, were created not just a new system. This «digital core» of the operator. It will serve as the basis for subsequent implementation of advanced Analytics. In addition, we plan to use in future machine learning. With its help it will be implemented by Park management. It will also be used for renovations.

New software solution will enable the company to confirm its leadership. Not many can boast of the best practices in their work. These settings are not on any other Russian company. Development and implementation of the project started in 2017. Originally planned to create a centralized IT platform. This uniform information base, allowing to implement the tasks.

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