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The enterprise has installed new equipment in the shop under construction

Kyshtym copper electrolyte plant is part of the Group «Russian copper company». It is located in the town of Kyshtym, in Chelyabinsk region. Currently under construction tankhouse copper foil. There carried out the installation of two overhead travelling double girder crane. Their main feature is that they are RC. Cranes is 10 tons. The Assembly was held in the crane factory VERTA. It is located in the town of Korkino. It is also the Chelyabinsk region.

Each crane will be used on its own. The first will be for the maintenance of the main technological equipment. It will help remove the drum cathode. This is necessary for grinding. The crane has high accuracy. He has a low moving speed of the load. This is possible thanks to the precise positioning of loads. The use of a second crane will occur a different flight. It is located in the neighborhood. There will be a work tank equipment. It is used for preparation of solutions.

As soon as you earn the new cranes will be carried out the dismantling of old. We are talking about older five-ton cranes. Then continue pouring the Foundation. It will be based of the basic equipment. The new plant will produce aluminum foil the thickness of which is 9−105 microns. It is used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. And any class of complexity. They are used for manufacturing of instruments and different techniques. This refers to smartphones, lithium-ion batteries. Also it is used in the production of household appliances and aircraft industries. Similar products not previously manufactured in Russia. Commissioning will start in early next year. Complete plant will be in the 2020−2021 year.

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