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HBIS Serbia will carry out the replacement of production equipment

HBIS Serbia (formerly Zelezara Smederevo) is a Serbian steel mill. The owner speaks Chinese company HBIS Group. The plant intends to partially replace their production equipment. We are talking about single Converter. The company’s three. The new company will provide Primetals Technologies. German-Japanese enterprise engaged in the production of metallurgical equipment.

The old Converter has already exhausted its resources. It will replace the new unit with similar parameters. However, the new more mass melting. It is 105 tons. Thus, the steel company will be able to reduce their financial costs. In addition, the new equipment will allow to achieve significant time savings. The overall performance of the unit will increase significantly.

First will be dismantling the old Converter. After that, experts will start installation of new equipment. In total it will take about 55 days. Anyway, as planned. The new Converter should start operating in the second quarter of next year. Again, if all goes according to plan. The company expects to do without disruptions.

Interestingly, HBIS Serbia are not too have suffered from the import quotas. We are talking about those that were imposed by the European Union. Steel mill still supplies products to a key market. It supplies steel products. For the first quarter of 2019 the volume of production amounted to 500 thousand tons. That’s 10% more than the same period last year. It is reported by the national Bank of Serbia. The new equipment will allow if not to increase production, to maintain the current level.

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