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GFG Alliance is expanding its business in India and China

GFG Alliance is a British industry group. It intends to expand its business. First of all, the company plans to merge their assets. They are scattered in Europe, Australia and the USA. In addition, it will be expanding in China and India. Currently studying prospects. Experts are studying the possibility of buying assets in India. We are talking about enterprises that produce rolled steel and aluminium. In addition, the group is interested in the energy sector. Currently, India has managed to achieve impressive economic growth. In addition, increasing the volume of steel consumption. It attracts companies involved in metallurgical business.

The company has a venture in China. They carry out sale of steel products. Also sold iron ore. All products are supplied from plants located in Australia. It is a high demand from Chinese companies. But transport requires a lot of time and money. Because the group was interested in localization of production. She wants to build production facilities directly in the Chinese territory. When viewed as a whole, the company’s strategy is simple. She wants to create a vertically integrated structure. Will monitor the plurality of links. We are talking about the links of the whole chain — production and marketing.

Also high probability of the company’s IPO. Meant for its metallurgical activities in the USA and Australia. As for the European region, the company is considering new acquisitions. It is possible that it will be solved to acquire new assets. For example, it can be plant Port Talbot. But this is only possible if Tata Steel wants to sell.

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