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The Eurasian economic Commission extended the anti-dumping measures

Duties on imports of steel forged rolls for rolling mills extended. It’s official according to the Department of domestic market protection of the Eurasian economic Commission. It concerns the products that arrives on the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union. In addition, it applies to products supplied from Ukraine. The investigation was conducted in relation to certain types of products. This forged steel rolls, following certain codes of FEACN of the cu. Among them 8455303101, 8455303109, 8455303901 and 8455303909.

The investigation was conducted on the initiative of several Russian enterprises. Among them, ORMETO-YuUMZ, Ural heavy engineering plant. Also supported the idea of Russia Elektrostal heavy engineering plant. Today the size of duties on the import of these products is 26%. Refers to the customs value of goods. Anti-dumping measures extended to February 25, 2020. The same applies to measures that were installed on December 9, 2011. It was adopted by decision of the Customs Union Commission. The new well will begin to operate after 30 calendar days. The report starts with the official publication of the decision. However, it will not be until 26 June. This was reported in an official document of the Eurasian economic Commission. On further extension of anti-dumping measures are not yet available. However, after February 25, 2020, to extend them. Russian enterprises are determined, especially in relation to Ukrainian counterparties. But the final decision for the Eurasian economic Commission.

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