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Baikal mining company has agreed with Outotec for the supply of equipment

Baikal mining company signed an important document with the company Outotec. We are talking about the Protocol of entry into force of the Treaty. This happened during the St. Petersburg international economic forum. The exact date is 7 June 2019. From Baikal mining company the document was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company Outotec Oyj — President and CEO. According to the document will be delivered new equipment. It will go on mining plant «Udokan». The equipment will cost about 250 million euros.

The new equipment will allow to implement a new technology of processing of ores. It was developed by specialists of Baikal mining company and engineering organizations. Moreover, this engineering company not only Russian, but also international. The joint effort has created a unique flotation-hydrometallurgical circuit. It is a combination of collective and sulphide flotation. In addition, it includes the operation of leaching, extraction, electrolysis.

In the process of flotation enrichment will apply a special machine. They are called machine. Their volume varies from 20 to 300 cubic meters. In the hydrometallurgical treatment will be used reactors, modular extraction installation. Thanks to the latest it is possible to reduce the timing of the construction works. It will be about 20%. Also use thickeners high compression. In addition, it will use an automated crane loading recess of the cathode. Is in complex with calodactylodes machine. This is a special equipment for electrolysis.

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