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Zekelman Industries is going to build a new plant

American company Zekelman Industries announced their future plans. So she intends to build a new plant. He will be engaged in the continuous production of welded pipes. The pipes will differ in medium and large sizes. The future of the company will become the largest in the world industry. The project will cost the company $ 150 million. This will be carried out in the unit Atlas Tube. The increased operating speed must be at least 35 meters per minute. It is planned that the new plant will be in September 2021.

Equipment for the new line will supply the German company SMS group. Also, this will participate Kusakabe Electric & Machinery. Part of the equipment will be provided by the company Mair. The new company will produce round pipes for the piles. Their diameter will be 273−710 mm. wall Thickness will reach 25.4 mm. in addition, there will be a square tube. Their sizes will be 203х203 — 559х559 mm. in Addition, will be the production of rectangular pipes. They will differ in size to 863х254 mm. wall Thickness range from 19,05 up to 25,4 mm.

The main consumer of the products should be the construction industry. In particular it will be used in the construction of infrastructure. Products will meet all current standards in force in the United States. It will feature a high quality. Special attention will be paid to the requirements in the field of seismic construction. In the production process will take into account all. The new company will be the first of its kind in the United States. It is noted that the production process will be carried out in the shortest possible time.

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