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In Mari El will be a new production company

In the village of Yurino Yurinskiy district, Mari El Republic to build a new enterprise. It will produce tool steel. The future plant is a priority investment project. It is implemented by the Republic and the Chinese regions. There are regions in the Upper and Middle reaches of the Yangtze river. The process involved the company Hubei Shili Mould Material Co. Ltd. The total investment is about $ 5 million. The power of the future plant will be about 5 thousand tonnes a year.

Currently already created the Foundation of industrial buildings. In addition, the complete outer and inner finishing of additional facilities. So created a hostel with two floors and an office building. Also created checkpoint. In addition, the specialists spent part of transmission lines. They even temporarily hooked up. Stretch the line to the production site. Today is laying the necessary communications.

One of the objects already prepared and started to work. We are talking about the shop, which produces bandsaw. The frame main body will be finished by the end of the second quarter. In the next quarter will begin installing power receiving equipment. In the last quarters will be casing frame. This will be used for the sandwich panels. The project provides for organization of a complete production cycle. Will be produced semi-finished products in the form of tool steel. The release will be carried out under the brand «POKOVKA». The plant itself will not be very different from other similar. It is known that the same company is close to several cities. Among them, Huangshi, Ezhou and Daye. They are all located in China’s Hubei province.

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