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On Uchalinskiy GOK completes the holding of the high-voltage lines

Uchalinskiy GOK is a company of UMMC raw material complex. It is currently completing installation of a double circuit high-voltage lines 35 kV. Only two of them. With their help, will be implemented by the electricity underground and surface facilities. We are talking about objects on Novo-Uchalinskiy mine. Electrical energy will supply the 110 kV substation of the Mine. It is located on the territory of the Uchalinsky underground mine. For carrying transmission lines were built, 49 of metal poles. They ensure the safety of the aerial parts of the electrical system.

Double-chain high-voltage lines stretched 3.4 km 600 meters were held in the ground. It is at a depth of about 2 metres. So were laying concrete trays. They are laid in four rows. In one such tray has three cable. Through them is transmitted a voltage of 35 thousand Volts. Cables are made of durable and quality materials. This ensures the safety and effectiveness of the process of transfer voltage. And from the substation to the destination. It is known that to transmit electricity over long distances difficult. In addition, recipients are large capacity. For this we have to increase the voltage level. It was therefore decided to carry out the process step by step.

For starters, the level of voltage increased by a few thousand Volts. This must be done because current is small. In addition, wires of small cross-section. Because at the start we should give a stronger push. Then transmission is performed by air and cable lines. Finally, the level falls to 6 and 0,4 kV. This is done according to chief power engineer of the repair and installation Department Uchalinsky GOK. After installation of the lines will first be tested.

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