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MMK spent on environmental activities

MMK spent on environmental activities

Last year the Magnitogorsk metallurgical plant actively implement environmental activities. The cost of the environmental goal reached 8,967 billion. The indicator has increased significantly compared to last year. The difference is 27%. Primarily the funds were used to build conservation structures. It took about 5,845 billion. The program consisted of 84 items. Of these, 45 events were related to the emission reduction. This refers to the atmosphere. 26 activities were focused on reducing emissions into water bodies. The remaining 13 involves the recycling and safe waste disposal.

From the planned activities fully implemented 69. The remaining 15 are under implementation. Among the highlights of the past year are several. First of all, the creation of a system of cast house aspiration. Was also erected at the furnace stock house. That was the blast furnaces No. 1 and No. 2. In addition, working capital was reconstructed the water supply system. This was expanded reservoir-cooler. Thus, the waste water no longer fall into the Magnitogorsk reservoir. Was built facility for enriching of iron containing tailings sludge dump No. 2. Every year she is able to process 2 million tons of waste. This produces 500 thousand tons of concentrate. It contains 59% iron.

Also continued to raise environmental facilities at the sinter plant No. 5. This new venture, which will earn in the current year. Its capacity is 5.5 million tons of sinter per year. It is equipped with modern equipment. In addition, it is equipped with upgraded the environmental objects. Among them there are 15 gas treatment facilities.

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