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Brand "CHETRA" launches a joint venture with a group of companies "Traktorservis"

The company «CHETRA» intends to develop a system of equipment maintenance. It is located in the Kemerovo region. Since the region is the most «tractionident» in Russia, the project is quite feasible. So the brand created a joint venture with a group of companies «Traktorservis». This trade-service company «CHETRA-Kuzbass». A similar enterprise was the first in Novokuznetsk. The list of services of the company include many items. First of all, it will sell branded machinery and original spare parts. Also the region will be provided with reliable suspension systems. And they will apply to imported and domestic tracked vehicles. And finally, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment.

Association of enterprises will allow to increase sales. We are talking about product brands «CHETRA» and «CHAZ». Thus, it will be possible to better compete on the market. The company «Traktorservis» is a long standing and successful experience. This will play into the hands of the two enterprises. In addition, the availability of the necessary material and technical resources. The same applies to skilled employees. The companies used advanced technology. This ensures high quality products and services. Thus, the region will be provided with superior brand appliances. In addition he will receive a high quality service.

First of all, the new facility will be a regional warehouse. It will be filled with all the necessary spare parts. Its official opening is scheduled for June of this year. Currently, the warehouse is already present a certain amount of spare parts. In may, it’ll fill up.

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