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Update Converter phase at the factory, "Karabashmed" is almost finished

The factory, «Karabashmed» is located in the city of Karabash, in the Chelyabinsk region. The company refers to the RMK. Earlier it was reported that it implemented a large-scale modernization project. She touched the Converter station located in the metallurgical plant. According to the company, the process reaches its logical end. Was already mounted on the third and last Converter Kumera. Currently, preparatory work. In particular going to the drive nodes. They are necessary in order to set in motion the whole unit. In addition, they exhibited the desired Assembly position.

However, installation of metal structures and sites. They are required to service the new metallurgical plant. Special attention is paid to the installation of the washing system. You must carefully adjust and recheck. Some specialists are busy tying water-cooled napilnik. Upon completion of these works, start the Converter lining. The Assembly of all equipment is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of this year.

When everything is collected, the company should arrive the representative of the manufacturer. He will conduct technical audit of the new Converter. His decision depends the start of commissioning. All new converters are characterized by the presence of modernized automatic control system. With its help, you can control the basic parameters of production. In addition, it allows you to monitor the operation of the equipment. This will ensure stable and safe operation of the plant.

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