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The volume of production of Nickel ore in the Philippines this year will decrease

Recently made the President of the Philippine Nickel Industry Association. He voiced the prospects of the Philippine mining industry Nickel ore. It is noted that in the current year, production volumes will decrease. The reduction will be around 10−20%. The comparison takes last year’s figure. The reason are certain limitations. We will remind, in the country there are restrictions on mining. This is already reflected in the figures for the previous year. The production volume in 2018 amounted to 19.5 million tons (dry). Compared with 2017, the index decreased by 16.7%. Most of the exports of Nickel ore comes from China.

Previously Nickel mining in the Philippines engaged in 30 enterprises. Currently their number has slightly decreased. The restrictions were imposed due to some concerns of the authorities. They believe that mining companies can have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore it was decided to introduce certain regulations. The area where the carries the production, may be no more than 100 ha. Annual production capacity can reach a maximum of 9 million tons. This refers to humid. In dry measure shall not exceed 1.54 tons per year. If extracted 1−9 million tons, the area may be 50−100 ha.

In February, 2019 in China were exported 817 tonnes. It is reported by the customs administration of the PRC. In January, the figure was 15% less. In February of last year the import volume was lower by 37.8%. Over the past two months in China imported 4.66 million tonnes. Of them in the Philippine raw materials account for more than 1.5 million tons. The rest of the Nickel ore was obtained from Indonesia. Thus, China remains one of the largest consumers of this raw material.

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