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The cut Raspadskiy earned new machinery

The cut Raspadskiy earned new machinery

The cut Raspadskiy began to operate the new machinery. Since the beginning of the year, was commissioned in 7 units. Among them 5 mining dump trucks Caterpillar 777E. Was obtained excavator Caterpillar 390 F. Finally earned drilling rig Sandvik D50KS. In December last year, the company received a Caterpillar D10T dozer. Thus, the company has upgraded its fleet of equipment. The new machine will work is outdated. All the company had to shell out on the order of 9.3 million dollars.

Career dump trucks Caterpillar 777E was made by special order. They are specially adapted for cut conditions Raspadskiy. Thus, they will implement effective transportation of coal. The model has increased body. It is able to accommodate up to 93 tons. Previous cars could hold 90 tons of rock. Coal in them placed no more than 50 tons.

Coal miners also received a drilling rig Sandvik D50KS. It is used for drilling wells. Their depth reaches 45 meters. This model meets all the necessary requirements of the section. Dozer Caterpillar D10T collects rock dumps. It allows you to prepare a site for drilling. In addition, it helps to create the technical road.

Capacity of excavator bucket Caterpillar 390 F is 5 cubic meters. With its help efficiently implemented cleanup of a coal seam. It allows the mining of coal with minimum ash content index. Excavator produces up to 150 thousand cubic meters of rock mass every month. The model was tested and proved to be most suitable for mining. In addition, it is possible to significantly reduce the costs of the enterprise.

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